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Water Crystals available now!

Water Crystals absorb 400 times their weight in water. . Water Crystals are a big hit at flea markets, especially in the extreme heat or drought areas. Repackage into one ounce bags and resell for $3-$5 a bag.

Water Crystals are non-toxic, agriculture approved and used by the US Forestry!
Uses for Water Crystals include:
Mixing With Soil Water Crystals can be mixed with the soil of potted plants, gardens and when planting new shrubs and trees. The Crystals are awesome in hanging baskets! By using Water Crystals watering is cut by 50%! This is a big plus in the areas with water restrictions.
Grow Plants/Seedling Without Soil Clean roots of plants and place in hydrated crystals as crystals start to shrink in size, add water! Water Crystals are used in the Walt Disney World Gardens.
Table Decorations (Especially Weddings!)l Hydrated Water Crystals are beautiful when placed in a glass container and used as bedding for votive or floater candles. They give a "cracked ice" appearance and reflect the candle lite! Use the crystals in flower vases to cover the stems of fresh cut flowers increasing their life span. This is exactly what florists do.
Cool Ties, Gel Ice Packs, Hot Packs Hydrated Water Crystals can be used in making your hot or cold packs! Place in a plastic Ziploc type bag and freeze or heat! A big savings over buying hot and cold packs. These crystals is the product used in making cool ties or sweatbands to help beat the summer heat. Instructions for these can be included at buyer's request.
Air Freshener's/Smelly Jellies Use the hydrated Water Crystals in a glass container, add food coloring and fragrance oil to preference and you have a room air freshener for pennies! Place in a mason jar and put a lace over the top, screw on the lid and you have a beautiful, inexpensive gift!




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