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Napa Valley World Wide Wholesalers was established in the Napa Valley in Northern California in 1996. We have been providing quality products and service to local merchants and customers since our inception. In the spring of 1997 we established our global home on the internet and have expanded our areas of service to include all of the US and Canada.

We have expanded our business to include the following sites:

www.napavalleywholesale.com  Buy wholesale today! Just register on our site and receive an immediate 30% discount , retails qualify for additional discounts!

www.winecountrycandles.com  Our own line of quality wine scented candles from the Napa Valley!

www.fragrancebeads.com -One of our most popular products now has its own site!

www.desertfloria.com - Our new Site with a "desert" flavor

www.wemakebears4u.com - Now owned and operated by our sister corporation Harimau LLC

Napa Valley WWW is proud to be a member of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce! 



We look forward to having you within our family of satisfied customers.